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At Scheepswerf Boer, most of the work we do revolves around the physics of hydraulics, and we have the most advanced hydraulics sets and machinery that helps us build top-quality gear and equipment for our clients. It also helps us provide our clients with a variety of projects, such as fitting new seals into components or repackaging cylinders.

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New Construction

Many times, new construction is going on ships and it requires the use of hydraulics to multiply the applied force and get things done much quicker. Hydraulics plays a major role in various functions throughout the ship, and it can also be effectively used when a ship is undergoing new construction or conversion. if you are looking for a shipyard that can provide you with the required hydraulic machinery, choose Scheepswerf Boer.

Not only do we have state-of-the-art hydraulic equipment that you can use for construction, but we also possess the most experienced and skilled staff that you will find anywhere.

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Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems

A lot of the functions inside your ship are managed by hydraulic systems, which help you apply more force and get things done easily and in the least time possible. However, these hydraulic systems can get quite weary after being used for a couple of years, and the seals inside them can get weak. As a result, they stan leaking oil and become completely ineffective.

If you are lacing such an issue on your ship, we know what to do with it. Our trained professionals will help repackage the hydraulic cylinders on the ship with new seals, or even replace the entire cylinder if need be.

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Construction of Truck Cranes

Does your business require the use of a truck crane for lifting heavy cargo or machinery on and off the ship? If so, then you don’t need to search elsewhere. At Scheepswerf Boer, we have sufficient and distinguished experience in designing and manufacturing truck cranes, which also includes building its hydraulic system which allows you to lift heavy weight without any effort.

All you need to do is get in touch with us and tell us your requirements. In the least amount of time possible, our experts will deliver you a fully functional custom-built truck crane.

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